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We believe relationships drive business success.  That’s why we provide a full range of services and products to support our clients and put the relationship piece at the center of business.  We help people connect with the teams they lead, the teams they work in and the clients they serve.  And we make the process engaging by using the language of sport as a vehicle for connection.

A top sports agent for nearly two decades, Molly Fletcher founded her own company in 2010 out of her desire to apply the relationship building skills learned from her career as a sports agent to the corporate world.  What Molly did as an agent– taking raw connections and transforming them into healthy, productive business relationships– is a lost art that is often undervalued in today’s fast-paced corporate world.  Our clients are from a diverse range of industries, including: financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, sports and entertainment, real estate, retail, and technology.

We offer organizations a full range of services to help enhance business relationships—whether within an internal team, with clients, or potential customers.  Molly is available for keynote presentations to inspire large audiences to think differently about how they do business.  Looking for a more intimate, hands-on experience? Work with our team building facilitators to design a customized program for your corporate or sports team.  We also offer online relationship-based sales training through our online platform, the Betterment Institute.

For more information on our business consulting services, please use the following links:

  • Keynote Speaker: Molly Fletcher delivers a message that inspires audiences and changes the way we think about and do business.
  • Sports Team Building: We offer customized team building programs to help sports teams perform at their highest level.
  • Corporate Team Development: For our corporate clients, we also offer customized corporate team building programs to enhance business relationship management.
  • The Betterment Institute: Our online learning platform equips users with the tools they need to improve their relationship building skills.
  • Books & DVDs: Include our books and DVDs as part of your event, or purchase individually, to shift the way you do business.

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For general inquiries or information on the Betterment Institute: Tiffany Allen, Account Executive

For speaking or team building inquiries: Sprague Paynter, Director of Client Services