For Teams

  • We focus on collegiate teams– all sports, both men’s and women’s teams.
  • We suggest a minimum of two sessions per year, most effective beginning in a team’s offseason.
  • A typical first session may involve a physical component, but the majority of follow up sessions do not.
  • Each session is custom designed based on conversations with the coaching staff.
  • A typical session is between 2-4 hours, but can be adjusted based on need and availability.

For Athletic Administration & Coaching Staffs

  • We provide team development programs for athletic administrators and coaching staffs.
  • Sessions are typically half-day retreats, conducted on site or through an offsite experience.
  • We also design sessions to support existing student-athlete leadership programs.
  • Our founder, Molly Fletcher, is available for keynote presentations at larger conferences and events.

Sample Sessions

  • After Action Review, Goal Setting & Accountability
  • How to Give and Receive Feedback
  • Communication & Healthy Conflict
  • Developing Your Leadership Philosophy
  • Managing Your Energy
  • Personality & Communication Styles
  • Shared Hardship Boot Camp
  • Trust & Relationship Building
  • Peak Performance