Suzy Merchant, Michigan State University, Women’s Basketball Coach

Suzy Merchant“Having the opportunity to work with Molly and her team this past offseason was extremely beneficial.  We wanted to bring in someone who would enhance our team chemistry through shared adversity as well as continue to help build a strong bond between players and coaches. Taking the time to develop and challenge our players mentally and physically set the tone for our upcoming season. Her impact was felt throughout the year as many of her concepts helped us fight through challenges and win another B1G Championship.”


John Smoltz, Major League Baseball, Cy Young Award winner

Testimonial- John Smoltz“Molly speaks the same language as successful athletes and coaches, and she realizes how to push us to be our very best.  There were many times during my career that Molly’s insight and clarity helped me break through a slump or reevaluate my mental approach.  She challenged me to be better at everything I did and helped me achieve my goals.”



MaChelle Joseph, Georgia Tech, Women’s Basketball Coach

MaChelle Joseph“We brought Molly and her team in during the offseason to work with both our players and coaching staff. They offered exactly what we were looking for to enhance our team’s overall leadership, chemistry and mental toughness.  An immediate shift in perspective and attitude was noticed after her work with us and we look forward to our future sessions with Molly and her incredible staff. Molly has created a purposeful team building experience that will not only last a season but a lifetime.”