Corporate Team Development

We custom design team development programs to help teams unleash their potential, focusing on both the individual and the integrated performance of the group. We focus on the same building blocks of great sports teams—communication, trust, authentic relationships, common vision, diversity, courage, accountability, feedback and ability to execute—to help you bring out the best in your corporate team.

Our design process is Assess—Design—Collaborate—Deliver—Review


Our first step is to listen—to understand what success looks like in the short and long term. We then seek to understand the unique challenges facing your team and the industry factors that are at play.  Finally, we embrace the traditions and values of your company so that the experience we design integrates into, and enhances, the existing culture and overall performance.


Based on your input, we design an experience to bring out the best in your team, equipping team members with the skills and knowledge to create sustainable change long after the program is completed.


Our programs are delivered in a variety of formats:

  • Half-day to two-day units
  • Onsite or offsite
  • Classroom or in the field
  • Short-term to year-long programs


After each delivery, we provide comprehensive feedback and review the impact of the learning and arm you with the tools for sustainment. We also offer individual coaching for team members and leaders who would benefit from additional one-on-one work.