90 Day Playbook

DVD Summary

People who know how to build healthy relationships win in business. As a sports agent for nearly 20 years, Molly Fletcher recruited the best athletes, coaches and media personalities in the game and negotiated over $500 million in contracts. In her newly released DVD, 90 Day Playbook: Find, Keep and Grow Your Business Relationships, Molly outlines clearly defined tactics and action steps to help you find new business, keep your existing customer base and grow those relationships to penetrate more business opportunities.

No matter what your field, learning how to connect with people and build authentic relationships is the single-most important factor in your success. The 90 Day Playbook DVD contains nine topics to help you actively and purposefully find, keep and grow your business relationships. Each topic has a corresponding worksheet that guides you on your personal roadmap and creates accountability for you as you begin your journey.