The Business of Being the Best

Book Summary

From the arenas of professional sports to the boardrooms of major businesses, a thin slice of peak performers dominates every field. What is their secret to success? Few people know what drives these world-leaders like sports agent Molly Fletcher. Not only has Fletcher herself risen to the top of a tough, male-dominated field—CNN dubbed her “the female Jerry Maguire”—but she has also represented hundreds of successful athletes, coaches, and broadcasters in baseball, golf, basketball, and football. Her experience reveals exactly what it takes to play like “the best.”

  • Breaks success into accessible strategies like smart negotiation, likability, and personal brand-building
  • Features interviews with such notables as Home Depot cofounder and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, future Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz, and football legend Roger Staubach
  • Connects high performance to values by showing how the best give back


“Molly Fletcher is an MVP sports agent, and that’s why I trusted her during my major league baseball career. Read this book and embrace the advice inside. It will teach you important skills and tactics you need to know to excel – not just at the negotiation table, or in your career, but in other aspects of your life.”
–John Smoltz, former Atlanta Braves pitcher

“Molly Fletcher breaks down the keys to being the best to their core elements. She then takes it a step further by providing examples and practical tips that anyone can apply to succeed in business and life. There’s something for everyone in this book.”
—Arthur M. Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner and founder of Home Depot

“Anyone trying to be the best needs all the help they can get. Molly Fletcher and her book can provide just that help. The Business of Being the Best is a must read for high achievers.”
—Jim Kennedy, Chairman of Cox Enterprises, Inc.

“This is a must read. It is compelling and destined to be a classic. Molly Fletcher has given you a gift with The Business of Being the Best, and best of all, she practices what she preaches.
—Tom Izzo, Men’s Basketball Head Coach at Michigan State University

“Informative, tactical, and executable, The Business of Being the Best will inspire and enhance you. Buy it, read it and implement it in your life.”
—Kathy Betty, former owner of WNBA’s Atlanta Dream

“If there’s anybody who knows what it means to be the best it’s Molly Fletcher. In The Business of Being the Best she shares wisdom that inspires, encourages, and empowers readers to be the best professional, best parent, and basically best person they can be. This book is a gift.”
—Ernie Johnson, Jr., TNT/TBS sportcaster