Betterment Institute

We are redesigning the Betterment Institute to enhance your experience… in the meantime, dream vividly, live fully, grow fearlessly.

Could your sales team be more effective if they changed the conversation?

The Betterment Institute provides your team with the tools necessary to change the conversation. Behavior change takes consistent engagement over time and, we believe, should be empowering, entertaining and customized. The Betterment Institute is an online learning portal that brings to life topics related to relationship based selling through one of a kind videos and supplemental materials that allows members to hold in their hand specific plans for improvement relating to each module.

The Betterment Institute offers learning modules that focus on three relationship building categories: Finding and winning new business, retaining business relationships, and growing existing business relationships. Check out How it Works on the next tab, and to learn more about the two types of packages that we offer.

To contact us directly for more information or to request a quote, please contact Call us at 404-747-5405 to start building your custom program today.

  • “The Betterment Institute was a tremendous resource for my team. We incorporated the content into our regularly scheduled bi-weekly calls and found that it stimulated a lot of great discussion. The topics were extremely relevant to our business and I saw firsthand the behaviors of our team members change over the course of the program. I would highly recommend the Betterment Institute as a tool to improve your team's relationship management and business development skills.”

    - Bryan Hodgens, SVP - Director of Sales at Wells Fargo