Sports Team Building

What are the characteristics of successful teams? They focus outward on each other, not inward on self. They prepare, both physically and mentally. They communicate. They are committed. They trust each other. They don’t fear failure. They are mentally tough.

Our Team Building Philosophy

We create customized sports team building programs to develop greater trust, create authentic connections, and improve communication so teams can perform at the highest level. Each season, coaches are challenged to bring together a diverse mix of individuals and mold them into a cohesive unit.  Our goal is to help you maximize the small window of time you have. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to sports team building. Each session is different, customized to address the challenges facing your team and meet your unique program goals. Teams emerge stronger and more focused on the tasks ahead.

Who We Are

Our founder, Molly Fletcher has a diverse background and brings a unique approach to team building.  A former sports agent, Molly worked with top athletes, coaches and media personalities for almost two decades before leaving the agency world to start her own consulting company.  In addition to our sports team building programs, we also work with Fortune 500 clients through our corporate team building division.

Unlike other sports team building companies that often deliver the same standard program each time, we design each session based on your needs and goals. Each session combines educational components with facilitated discussion and interactive, hands-on activities that bring the lessons to life in a real, impactful way.  Our team building programs are ongoing, meaning that we typically work with a team 2-3 times each offseason, and are always available as a resource to our teams. Team building resources you may find useful include:

What People Are Saying

Our sports team building facilitators have worked with college sports teams, coaching staffs, and athletic administrations across the country. Visit our testimonials page to see what people are saying about our work.

Elevate Your Team Today!

Championship teams don’t just spend time on the X’s and O’s. They commit to the process. We inspire teams to play FOR each other, not just with each other. To get started today, contact our Director of Client Services, Sprague Paynter to schedule a call.

  • - MaChelle Joseph, Georgia Tech, Women’s Basketball Coach