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Video: Molly Fletcher on Accountability

Molly Fletcher outlines how to create accountability within a team environment.  In this video, she walks through the three components: clarity, buy-in and consistency. 

Bill Belichick and the “Three P’s”

A look at the coaching philosophy of the gruff mastermind behind the New England Patriots success.  A three time Super Bowl champion as a head coach, Belichick preaches “The Three P’s”: passionate people preparation and performance.

5 Leadership Lessons from Tom Izzo

One of the top coaches in the game, Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo leaves a lasting impact on the players that pass through his program.  We take a look at his leadership approach through the eyes of Molly Fletcher. 

Mental Toughness

TED Talk: The Key to Success? Grit.

Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED Talk on grit is already a hot topic with educators.  We think it applies just as well to coaches. Learn why grit — perseverance and passion for long-term goals– may be a more accurate predictor of success than talent.

Assessment: Grit Scale

As follow up to the above TED Talk, find out how much grit you have.  This short assessment provides you with a score measuring your grit.  

Forbes: Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid

From psychotherapist Amy Morin, a look at behaviors that mentally strong people avoid.  The majority of these can be directly applied to sports and team dynamics.  A great reminder for athletes of all ages why mental toughness is just as important to develop as physical strength and toughness. 

Sports Illustrated: Reflections on a cold-blooded career (Kobe Bryant)

This Sports Illustrated profile on Lakers guard Kobe Bryant gives a rare glimpse into his mindset.  Rehabbing from a devastating Achilles injury and understanding his career is in its last stage, Bryant is refreshingly candid in his reflections.  A great read on overcoming adversity and learning how to push beyond fear of failure.  


Video: Molly Fletcher on Feedback

Molly Fletcher outlines how to create a culture of feedback, where team members are comfortable both giving and receiving feedback and view it as an essential part of learning and growth. 

Tapping Into the Energy of Millennials

We take a look at how to better engage millennials and tap into their energy.  This blog focuses on the millennial desire to be emotionally connected, be part of a collaborative environment, and receive consistent and meaningful feedback. 

The Millennial Handbook

Via the Blank Foundation, this is a comprehensive look at Millennials and one of the best resources available.  Packed with statistics and trends, it covers a wide variety of topics related to Millennials in a clear, organized fashion.  Check out the section on Millennial Values for an interesting look at how the generation views itself.

 Pew Research: Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.

This Pew Research Center report profiles the roughly 50 million Millennials who currently span the ages of 18 to 29.  It examines their demographics, values, priorities, aspirations and habits. 

Trust & Relationships

How To Build Trust On Teams

Using an adapted version of the Trust Quotient, we tackle how to build trust within teams.  The trust equation breaks trust into four components: (Credibility + Reliability + Connection) / Self-Orientation.  Understanding the trust equation gives teams a common language to talk about trust, and breaks it down into behavior- based components.

Assessment: How Trustworthy Are You? 

Visit the Trusted Advisor website to take this short assessment.  Based on the concept of the Trust Quotient, it evaluates your trustworthiness and breaks down your score into the various components to show where you can improve.